Awareness of the now

I will attempt to not become the stereotypical “near death experience” person, but I was just waking in the forest and was so aware of every little leaf and branch. My parents live next to a nature reserve; I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time walking there in the incoming weeks.
Today was devoted to sorting out the mess of my personal space (moving back here from Scotland…unpacking boxes and finding places for everything). This and sleeping; though I am sleeping fairly well at night, I’m just very tired…which, I suppose, is understandable. I am still a bit sore and my bruises are turning an awful pale yellow colour—but, again, to be expected.

Several people have asked how I am psychologically; I’m okay for the moment. I did have, as I was falling asleep, a sudden memory of part of the accident—just a split second of the time. It was like, as one falls asleep and has a waking dream that one is physically falling—and then comes to with a start. As I keep saying, it’s going to be a lot to process.

One of my parent’s neighbours brought over an Elvis fridge magnet to cheer my mother; I said it’s a good thing she is not a James Dean fan.