Teachers Federation Year in Review

Going to try to get back into blogging here soon.
Every year for the Teachers Fed annual conference, we present a ‘Year in Review’ video. I’ll post up this as it shows a lot of what I’ve been doing over the past year. I didn’t edit this one, credit goes to my colleague, Matt Joyce. (There is a lot of obligatory ‘show a little of everything’ in here so it might not be of interest to anyone outside the Federation.)

Too powerful tools

I went to film school in the early 90’s and was probably one of the last generation who learned to edit on a flatbed editor (actually handling and cutting the film, marking dissolves with a grease pencil and etc.). Since then, the tools available have evolved exponentially and allow all manner of independent productions on limited budgets. These advances give tremendous creative freedom; however, they can, in the wrong hands, unravel the thread of sensibility to a previously unimaginable—I can’t even think of a word to put here.
I came across these two videos this morning; they are apparently in contention for the “Best Unintentionally Funny Videos Ever”. The first one stirs my the depts of my American heart.

The second one is the most over the top beyond all get out embarrassing use of media I think I’ve ever seen (it makes me want to hide under my desk). I don’t think this is actually from a film; it’s just a song glued to a series of fantasy film elements made up expressly to show off this fellow’s hair.

Click here to experience the extravaganza

Because of my liberal leanings

I have just found out that my weblog is blocked from Internet users in China. However, so is all kinds of stuff; so I’m not so concerned.

Wait; in fact, I am concerned. What is on my site that someone should not be able to make a personal decision to see? There is nothing obscene or revolutionary; there is nothing to incite violence or civic disorder. Why am I shut off from communication with a large portion of my fellow humans? I’m miffed.

I'm not a platypus

I have grave difficulty thinking about more that one thing at once. I can’t use age as an excuse (31); it’s just difficult to focus clearly on multiple things simultaneously. My girlfriend is a corporate secretary, as such, she is a central “hub” for her organisation. There are always three people handing her stacks of papers while the phone is ringing and the German businessman wanted cream but the Dutch man wanted his black. (And she is doing all this in Czech and English and Dutch and German!) Thus, she is bewildered when I can’t seem to comprehend what she is saying if I am typing or reading when she says it. I can focus intensely, but I have a shallow depth of field.

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Outward Bound Urban video

Last year, Ben Goodman (a producer I know in Philadelphia; see his website here) asked if I could come along and videotape a photo shoot he was coordinating for Outward Bound. He’s been working on a new branding campaign for OB Urban and wanted to concurrently produce a short promotional video if possible. I went on two photo shoot days (on on an absolutely frigid day in Philadelphia; the other in Baltimore). From that video material and audio interviews I did with kids when they weren’t getting photographed, we produced this video. It was rather difficult as I did not have many “action” shots. Most of the time was spent setting up and shooting stills; so the kids did a lot of standing still. However, the client seems happy; so that’s the acid test (or, I suppose the acid test is gauging what response they get from the campaign).