Manual for B11022

I’ve been getting a little cabin fever (after a month without aerobic exercise; which is the longest I’ve gone…in a long time). We purchased a Czech-made exercise bike last evening at Tesco. It’s actually quite nice (it allows for fore/aft adjustment of the seat like a spinner bike; the seat can be replaced with a standard bike saddle and the pedals are standard threads so I can replace them with a clipless set).
The computer has some impressive functionality; for example:

  • it has an alarm clock (in case one falls asleep on a lengthy ride).
  • it displays room temperature
  • it displays pulse (unless there is no pulse in which case the manual states “the computer will display ‘NO pulse’ on the window.” I hope an alarm goes off then too!
  • During the ride, one can adjust such parameters as: target time, target calories, age, weight, height, and “to select sexy.” (I’m not yet sure whether this means I can grow taller and more sexy or the ride will be so hard that my gender may change.)
  • There is a button with a yet unresolved meaning. It’s labelled Pulse Recovery; the manual states: “Press the key to activate the heart rate recovery function.” (I suppose if one has “NO pulse” this is the button to push.)
  • Error messages: “The speed over than 999.9 MPH/KPH then the computer will display ‘E’.” (I’ll have to watch that upper limit; though I’ve a feeling the bike will melt and the house catch fire before I get there.)

I rode for about 45 minutes this morning—still have a pulse; have not consulted for opinion on increased sexyness.