Coordinating Communications

I have been in the Czech Republic for nearly a month now, but am just now starting to hit the ground (still haven’t set up a post office account). I’m living in Most (in north-western Bohemia on the border with Germany). This is the BOA for Atlantic Bridge, the non-profit I worked with in the Netherlands this past summer. I will continue my work with AB on their curriculum from here (some interesting developments; I’ll talk about that in a later post). I’m living in one of the flats AB has here and will be working with their interns and local partners in the Czech Republic. However, though I am living in Europe, my actual employment is in Philadelphia with BuildaBridge International.
BuildaBridge is an organisation with a bright future; we aim to work with some of the world’s most as-risk people. Unfortunately, this is a growing population. Though globalisation has raised the mean standard of living for the world as a whole, it has also left many behind in an ever widening wake of economic, political, and environmental difficulties. Though we are a small organisation now, there are few who fill our particular niche and we are poised to grow quickly over the next few years (we maintain contact with many creative people who want to make a positive contribution to society). At the moment, we are developing a strategic plan and reviewing our mission and vision. I’ll post much more as we bring these materials on-line.

Though this position is paid, I am expected to raise a major portion of my support through donations an grant funding. BuildaBridge is a 501c3 non-profit organisation. As such, donations are tax-deductible. If you’d like to support my work here, send a check (with “European Office” written on the memo line) to:

BuildaBridge International
attn: Overseas Program Coordinator
205 West Tulpehocken Street, Suite 2
Philadelphia, PA 19144
United States

Alternately, donations can be processed on-line through our Just Give account (again, be sure to note “European Office” in the “Designate my donation” box.) If you give online, drop me an e-mail so I can send back a thank you.

You may request an organisational financial statement from the address above. We are accountable to a board and are required to openly report our finances

Below is a release concerning my new position that will be posted on the BuildaBridge Website.

After serving informally for the past two years as Director of Communications for BuildaBridge International, Jason Nicholas now joins our staff as European Communications Coordinator. Jason comes to us with several years of experience developing media for and consulting with organisations concerning their communications needs. As a freelancer, he has produced promotional video materials for clients such as International Ministries (the mission board of the American Baptist Church), The Campolo School for Social Change at Eastern University, Outward Bound, and (of course) BuildaBridge International.

Jason has a degree in Cinema and Video Production with a minor in English Literature. Recently, he has migrated away from production work and focused on concept development and writing. He lived three months in the Netherlands this summer to work with Atlantic Bridge on their cross-cultural curriculum for youth (which was initially developed by Drs. Corbitt and Nix-Early of BuildaBridge).

While travelling abroad on assignment, Jason makes contact with individuals and organisations who could potentially partner with BuildaBridge on our Overseas Programs. At his current location in the Czech Republic he will extend our program contacts within the European Union.

In addition to his role as program advocate, Jason will also moderate our communications as we re-design and develop our online assets. He will act as the daily editor of our website and maintain standards of language and content for our external communications.

While he will report on his work with BuildaBridge on our website, his personal travels and observations are posted at: