Not the best start

Though not the worst either; I flew into Frankfurt yesterday from the mess of snowstorms that are playing havoc with travel in the States right now. My flight made it without incident; however, somehow my baggage did not make it here with me. Lufthansa didn’t have it in their system that it was handed off from United to Lufthansa…so, they had to track it down. The service people at Lufthansa are great; they are just very…German. The woman at the service counter handed me an overnight bag with toiletries €100 in cash for the trouble (this is why I fly Lufthansa). The bag magically materialised here at my hotel this afternoon.
I woke around midnight and went straight to the toilet to hurl up most of what I had consumed the previous afternoon and evening. I find it bewildering that I can go years without catching cold; however, I pick up food poisoning at the drop of a hat. More bewildering is the fact that I never get it in dodgy places; it’s always in someplace like Scotland (thank you Gerri and Stephen for taking care of me in the bothy) or the Czech Republic (thank you Andrea for taking care of me—several times). I was supposed to fly on to Mumbai today; however the last time I had food poisoning and ‘felt better’ the morning before a flight, I became even more ill on the plane and had paramedics waiting on the ground when we landed. I thought it would be prudent to delay a day rather than risking a trip to the hospital in Mumbai. So I’m booked for tomorrow’s flight (thank you Travelex Travel insurance for…well nobody was here to take care of me, but they will take care of fees and such later).

Have spent most of the day resting and re-hydrating; also watching the Olympics in German. I just came back from the airport (I’m in an airport hotel); had a leisurely dinner there and watched people go to and fro to all places far and near. I Looked in the pricey shops (was thinking about buying a pair of jeans but they are €100! Though I suppose I could have used the €100 from Lufthansa).

Hopefully the lost baggage and food borne illness gremlins are worked out for this trip and all will go smoothly hereon (knocking on the Holiday Inn Express plywood with veneer table).