Synchronous Afghan Lake

This morning I was reading about using Bolex cameras for travel documentary work; I came across a story from a filmmaker who visited Afghanistan in 1969 and lost his camera over a waterfall at a remote mountain lake (he later retrieved it and it was reparable…Bolex are incredibly tough). He noted in the story that hardly anyone outside the country knew of this area.
So, of course, this evening I turn on BBC news and there is a story about how the Afghan government is attempting to promote tourism in this lake area. Some of the pictures in the report looked like shots from this fellow’s visit in 1969. I think the probably showed the same waterfall.

Somebody please tell me what the odds are of my stumbling across this random story on the internet and then seeing a BBC report on the same place the same day.

Update (a sort of pathetic update that reveals my taste in humour): I checked to see if there was a new Strongbad today and, par for the Synchronicity course, it’s about independent films and includes an animated representation of a Bolex.