The Event as it Finished

I’ve obtained several images from the accident scene itself and updated my gallery; they are—pretty gruesome (especially the last image of the cabin of the car…if one can still call it that). Click here to go to the gallery.
It looks like we probably stopped traffic both ways for a while (obviously whilst the helicopter came in and out). In some of the images I did not post, there are cars lining the highway in both directions. Also, there is a long long line of skid marks where the truck pulled me along underneath (I remember that part as it took some time compared to the initial impact and etc.). I think it’s really ironic that, on the back of the trailer, there is a sign stating We Hire Safe Drivers.

I’ve not written a lot in the last few days; I’m taking some time to meditate on several things and ponder what is next. I began physical therapy this week; strangely, some muscles are more sore and tight now than they were shortly after the accident. However, the therapist assures me we will be able to get everything back in shape. He asked if I have any range of motion difficulties; I said that, normally, I’m able to put both feet behind my head (really) and that I was having some difficulty with this at the moment. He said, as that’s not even a starting point for most of his clients, this would be a challenging goal to work towards.