Too powerful tools

I went to film school in the early 90’s and was probably one of the last generation who learned to edit on a flatbed editor (actually handling and cutting the film, marking dissolves with a grease pencil and etc.). Since then, the tools available have evolved exponentially and allow all manner of independent productions on limited budgets. These advances give tremendous creative freedom; however, they can, in the wrong hands, unravel the thread of sensibility to a previously unimaginable—I can’t even think of a word to put here.
I came across these two videos this morning; they are apparently in contention for the “Best Unintentionally Funny Videos Ever”. The first one stirs my the depts of my American heart.

The second one is the most over the top beyond all get out embarrassing use of media I think I’ve ever seen (it makes me want to hide under my desk). I don’t think this is actually from a film; it’s just a song glued to a series of fantasy film elements made up expressly to show off this fellow’s hair.

Click here to experience the extravaganza