Life from boxes

I have now been in Dumfries and Galloway for several weeks and am just today moving into my new digs (after a bit of looking and debating). My office is out in the middle of a forest…and I don’t have a car. So I need to be somewhere along the lines of a car-pool route (most people at work ride share); however, I also need to live somewhere near or in a town for all the necessary services of life and etc. I think I’ve found a good balance of all that right outside Newton Stewart; I’m staying what was once a stable but are now holiday lets and a restaurant. So I am in this cozy little two bedroom flat with wonderful views of surrounding hills and the river. Oh, and I now have ready access to the internet (this was the reason for my absence over the past few weeks). I’ve been staying in a farmhouse about 25 minutes from here with a co-worker, Isobel and her husband Robert; I’ll miss them and their sheepdog Tess who has to be the most gentle-eyed dog I’ve ever encountered.
I was thinking today, whilst loading the truck with my belongings, how many times I’ve moved since going away to university. Including the to and fro each year from school, it’s something like 25 times!

The job at Natural Power is brilliant; the people and place are most welcoming and I have a very positive outlook on what this job will become. I’m still getting my bearings as far as my role and contribution; but I think, after a couple months of clicking along, this is going to be a fine place to work.

My digital camera is deceased; however, I’ll try to get some pictures of my surroundings together somehow.