I had a job interview last week (rather suddenly; I am looking but was not expecting to start interviewing this early. It’s in a very keen energy consulting company; I’ll know in the incoming week whether I’ve the position).
I’m not entirely sure what it was; but there seems to be a marked difference in the tone of interviews here (in Scotland). While it was demanding on a professional level (it took me some time to complete the application; for the interview, I was expected to make a presentation and do some on the spot writing), it was more significantly focused on what kind of person I am rather than my technical qualifications. I wonder if there is a shift from skills focus to something more essential to who people are and how they interact with others. Part of it may be this company in particular; they have an open organisational ethos (not especially hierarchical) and some of it may just be the position I’ve applied for (which would involve working day to day with internal and external communications).

It is something I would like to explore a bit more (If I get the position, I’d like to sit down with the HR manager and discuss it). As we become more interchangeable in technical skills (e.g. many people are able to use similar software, etc.) there is some fear that people themselves will become interchangeable. However, I dare say that it’s just the opposite; as technology advances, the people and their personalities will be able to manifest themselves more and become integral parts of the whole.