Saving Paper

I have recently devised an innovative way of saving printer paper—make printing documents a convoluted involved process! Earlier this year I salvaged an old Apple Laser printer from the bin at school; the test page said it had printed only a bit over 7000 pages (which is nothing for a laser printer). However, it uses the old AppleTalk networking standard which is incompatible with my shiny new laptop. So, it sat patiently under a table in my room biding the time till its re-awakening. Last week I spotted a (truly ancient) Macintosh in the bin at school and brought it home. I plugged it in and it booted right up with the happy Mac sound (its 18 years! old and I found it sitting out in the rain; the last time a file was modified on it was 1996). But it connects right up to the printer and everything works in harmony now; the only hitch in the system is that I have to convert the document I want to print into a .pdf, save as a raw PostScript file in Adobe Acrobat, put it on a floppy disk, open it in the old computer and print it from there. I think this will ensure that I consider carefully what I want to print before doing so. But, I saved some working stuff from the landfill and got a decent laser printing set-up for free (and the old computer is so quaint looking sitting here by the desk—I might just write some of my dissertation on it’s tiny little black and white screen—or, no, that would not be such a great thing on second thought).