New old way of shaving

As I mentioned recently I’ve been looking into ways to economise and reduce waste. Consequently, I’ve purchased a double-edged Merkur Futur razor set (razor, brush, shaving bowl, etc.). I’ve used the setup now for a couple weeks and I must say that the shave quality far exceeds my prior experience with Gillette products. Previously, I would either have to settle for a somewhat close shave with skin irritation or, to avoid irritation, I would have to leave off shaving before all the little hairs were removed. The DE razor allows me to carefully (and one does have to be careful; though I’ve only nicked myself once) get an excellent shave with very little irritation. Part of this may be the use of a brush with the shaving soap; but I think the main thing is the use of a very sharp blade (I’m using the Merkur blades so far, but also have some Japanese blades that are supposed to be as sharp as precision medical instruments). The disposable blades I was using previously seemed to dull quickly and “catch” the skin, thus causing a cut.

Also, though I’m using the shave soap, when I was travelling last week, I used the King of Shaves shaving gel. Despite the rather silly macho name, it really is a great product (though it’s a bit odd at first to shave with slime rather than lather). The soap I am using is made by Classic Shaving (where I ordered the set). It’s their sandalwood scent; it has a vaguely “pottery” smell to is (which is not unpleasant…however, it reminds me of unfired ceramics). The soap end of things will, I’m sure, be a continuing experiment as there are many brands and types available.

If you go to the Classic Shaving website, you’ll see a whole array of razors and accessories. (By the way, I’ll put in a little plug for them here; they were quick to respond to some initial questions and just seem like generally nice people.) The Merkur Futur razor I picked is highly regarded as are also their other offerings (not that they have a lot of competition).

This may become a closet obsession (finding the right blades and soap); so you may have to bear with the occasional rambling concerning the state of my face.