Good morning from the Czech Republic; I am on the ground here in Most and beginning to set up office. (In a great flat; one can see the castle from the balcony.) Will send pictures once everything gets settled a bit more (lacking furniture at the moment).
Sometime today I will obtain a Skypein number (both Czech and US) so people can contact me easily. There is broadband access in the flat…but no phone. Make no accusations about the Czechs being behind the times.

BuildaBridge is in the process of revising our “branding.” We are re-working our language structure and promotional materials so I’m delaying a full outlay of my mission and purpose till then. Otherwise I will make incremental updates here.

The weeks ahead will be dedicated to preparing materials for a weekend session on the Bridgebuilder Curriculum (Atlantic Bridge) later this month in Prague. I’ve set up a Wiki for collaborative work on the writing and editing. I’ll discuss the concept with a group of prospective teachers from Central Europe.

I’ll also begin researching what’s going to be involved with registering BuildaBridge as a NGO here in the Czech Republic (which will probably be either really straightforward or a slide down the rabbit hole of dizzying bureaucracy). When BuildaBridge was here last, we were officially received by the Mayor. So, hopefully, we not coming from completely nowhere at the start.