High writing

I’m in the air (11200 meters according to the display) on my way back to Philadelphia. Nothing especially important to relate at the moment; there’s just something about the novelty of having internet access aboard an airplane (Lufthansa–favourite airline).
Two items of (some little) interest from the trip so far today:

  1. My plane from Amsterdam to Frankfort had no row 13. The rows were numbered 11, 12, 14, 15… I’ve never noticed that before on another aircraft.
  2. That flight was delayed, I was hurrying to make my connection and asked an official looking man (who looked oddly like Albert Einstein) whether he could somehow speed my check through border control and security at Frankfort. He said, “there is no need, time is relative here. Please go to the back of the line.”

I promise to return to my substantial journaling when I hit the ground; my server was down on Sunday; when it was fixed and the database came back into service, my host quipped, “MySQL appears to be back, and mission-critical cheese sandwich weblog entries are being served up to a grateful world. Ahem, sorry.”

Hey, we are all allowed the occasional cheese sandwich entry.