Tea: The World’s Going to Pot

Mental benefits of Tea

  • brainwaves may begin to synchronize based on regular tea consumption
  • memory recall enhanced by unknown ingredients of tea leaves
  • heightened state of alertness

Social benefits of tea

  • good excuse to wear tweed and corduroy
  • others associate tea with Britain, where many great writers, artists, and statesmen have lived
  • it is visually impressive to talk or think with a cup of tea in hand.

Physical benefits of tea

  • one’s body need not expend as much energy to awaken in the morning when tea participates in the event
  • several cups of tea on a hot day allows one to sweat without the expense of a sauna
  • as exercise, tea can make one feel either relaxed or excited

Artistic benefits of tea

  • if an artist consumes no solid food with his tea, his shaking hands make paintings appear professionally impressionistic
  • since the tea drinker is wearing tweed, he can more fully appreciate England; Milton was from England
  • colours and sounds are somewhat altered by the tea experience

Moral benefits of tea

  • the caffeine in coffee makes one cross—the caffeine in tea makes one mellow
  • one cannot see tea brewing inside a pot, therefore tea encourages faith
  • people of the Holy Land, for the most part, drink tea