Isaiah Nine

Set about to listen While living seed is ready found.
Through silent times Do all to break thy fallow ground.

A time of Darkness in a place called home. Truly the light is sweet
In the moments after nightfall.
The people who walk in darkness Argue against the Light
Hiding in spirit shadows blindly Darkness prevails and binds them.
Without eyes or sight of hope; Wondering what definition forms despair
They hurry on downward deeper dropping Off forever falling into darkness
Not even in dimness searching
For some passage outward
Darkness prevails and binds them;
Hidden, the Spirit, darkly blinds them.
There is only time at this moment—once
The appointed passing time of Salvation.

The other Spirit calls to you— Deception has a word aside in the shadow; Listen closely, wish all Light away. Many are called—so few return.
The Light shineth in darkness; the darkness comprehendeth it not. Your arms reach out into the open void—Decided;
In a passing moment
You’ve found a home Forever.