Fugitive Silent

In some fugitive silent moment Alone,
Waiting for the next event—the Last, Every man Pauses for the
Quiet between heartbeats; The sudden pausing Falling away A death Between surges of living.
EveryMomentEveryMan Nears the longer space of Dying
‘Who is the Wise man; Who shall know the end of A matter?’ The end of silent hearts Or the end of moments Moving together— Of Pain.

Every failing memory Recalls this movement of despair;
And everything still sudden, Hoped for and sullen.
Falling away in time Fading Still fugitive
Among the permanence of knowing All moment and memory Fleeting
From the contained reality Of uncommunicated Hope— Misunderstood alone.

I heard music once. Now I strain to listen
Without those once beside Who wait for me ahead. I thought I knew. Now knowing—All falls away to Silence.

So that some may hope I spoke words from this Word. Some may hope For things not yet seen But existing— If in spirit only so.
Remainders of ancient Faith Cannot live for many moments today
But Words remain forever To bear life into The end of Breath And Spirit moving.
So that some may hope Yet, not seen But promised and existing If only in my Spirit— And his—Shared between two and All these hoping.
Hope is Vanity unless in faith. Remember past days—Remember Hope
Or all is despair and a measured method of
Unbelief—Falling Away Alone.